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Press Releases

Hertz Expands NeverLost® System to Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Hertz Corporation , the world's largest car rental company, announces deployment of its popular NeverLost® satellite navigation system in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Earlier this year, Hertz introduced NeverLost for the first time outside the US in Toronto and Vancouver and offers it in more than 70 US cities.

"The North American response and demand for NeverLost has been extraordinary and there has been an overwhelming demand for deployment in other Canadian cities. Montreal draws a wide variety of both US and international customers and we recognize the value NeverLost provides for this customer base," said Frank Camacho, Staff Vice President, Marketing for Hertz.

In Canada, Hertz NeverLost is available at airport locations in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and at select downtown locations.

In 1995, Hertz first introduced NeverLost in 600 vehicles in nine cities in the US. In 1996, Hertz expanded this optional service to a total of 16 US cities by installing more than 7,500 additional Hertz NeverLost units, bringing the total number to more than 8,000 available for rental.

In 1999, Hertz introduced the "next generation" NeverLost units, which are mounted on the vehicle's dashboard between the driver and passenger. The enhanced units feature an extensive digital street map, with bold, easy-to-understand visual turn icons.

The system also has an expanded database that includes detailed, street-level coverage for both Toronto and Vancouver as well as the major road systems of Canada. In the US, the system's database contains coverage of the 48 contiguous states.

Also, there are voice prompts in seven languages -- including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish; improved graphic interface, and a Locate Button that displays the vehicle's exact location.

Today, Hertz offers NeverLost in more than 30,000 of its vehicles in its North American fleet, now in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and more than 70 US cities.

The system also has an expanded database that includes detailed, street-level coverage for Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver as well as the major road systems of Canada.

In Canada, cars equipped with the NeverLost navigation system are available for an additional CN$9.00 per day or CN$45 per week. And for Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) members, the charge is CN$8.00 per day or CN$40 per week. The system is available in mid-size cars, full-size cars such as the Ford Taurus, premium cars such as the Ford Crown Victoria, luxury cars such as the Lincoln Town Car and mini-vans such as the Ford Windstar. In the US, NeverLost is also offered in mid-size, full-size and luxury vehicles for an additional US$6.00 per day or US$30 per week. Also, for American Automobile Association (AAA) members, the chare is US$5.00 per day or US$25 per week.

Customers may reserve Hertz cars equipped with the NeverLost system and members of Hertz #1 Club Gold have the option of including the service as a permanent part of their member profile.

Manufactured by Magellan Driver Information System, Inc. of Rochester Hills, Michigan, NeverLost combines Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology with dead-reckoning and map-matching technology.

At the heart of NeverLost is a GPS receiver, used to calculate the exact location of the car based upon signals from orbiting satellites, a computer map and database that directs the traveler to his or her designated destination.

The video screen then provides visual guidance while voice prompts instruct the driver when and where to turn en route to the destination.

Hertz operates a fleet of 525,000 vehicles from approximately 6,500 locations in more than 140 countries.

SOURCE: The Hertz Corporation

Contact: Paula R. Stifter of The Hertz Corporation, 201-307-2824

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