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Press Releases

Hertz Introduces NeverLost® GPS in Calgary

The Hertz Corporation has introduced NeverLost®, the industry-leading GPS navigation system in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Currently available at 400 North American rental locations, NeverLost can also be rented in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Canada.

NeverLost provides customers with audio and visual onboard driving directions to specific addresses and destinations, including local restaurants, gas stations, hotels, emergency services and tourist attractions. Renters can use NeverLost anywhere in Canada and the US without software changes -- the NeverLost unit rented in Calgary, Alberta will work just as well in California, or Colorado, as it will throughout Canada and the US.

NeverLost is available on approximately 50,000 Hertz rental vehicles, across 25 car classes and includes detailed coverage of all major metropolitan areas in Canada and the U.S. NeverLost customers receive detailed route guidance to any programmable address in Canada as well as the US, with 24 million miles of navigable roads covered by the NeverLost unit.

NeverLost's location directory has 1.3 million pre-programmed destinations, including 70,000 hotels, 65,000 gas stations and 470,000 restaurants. Restaurants can be selected by criteria including "Nearest," "City" or by "Cuisine Type." Other features include:

   * "AAA Tour Book" with ratings for hotels, restaurants and local
   * "Travel Assistance" directory with airline telephone numbers, radio
     station guides, and telephone numbers for local weather and traffic.
   * "Local Attractions" directory with pre-programmed addresses for popular
     leisure and business destinations in over 100 markets.
   * "Previous Destinations" directory enabling customers to mark a
     particular, current location as a routable destination.

NeverLost is available for nominal daily fee and members of CAA are eligible to receive a discount. For more information or reservations, Canadian residents can call toll-free at 1-800-263-0600 (English) or 1-800-263-0678 (Francais) or visit the company online at US residents can call toll-free at 1-800-654-3131 or visit the company online at Hertz, the world's largest general use car rental company, operates in more than 150 countries from 7200 locations.

SOURCE: The Hertz Corporation

CONTACT: Paula Stifter of The Hertz Corporation, +1-201-307-2824